Client Testimonials

“My daughter was getting cold sores every few weeks, experiencing asthma symptoms and had a lot of fatigue. She felt run down a lot. Dr. Devorah built up her immune system and she hasn’t had any cold sores all winter and her energy level has increased significantly. No more asthma attacks too.”

– M. W., Marblehead

“When I came in I was experiencing an itchy inflamed scalp specifically along the front of my scalp. My frontal hairline had already receded. I was diagnosed by my dermatologist as having Lichen planaris frontal fibrosis, an autoimmune condition that causes alopecia in the front of the scalp. I was being treated with steroid shots once every 3 to 4 weeks. Since I completed the recommended supplement program for healing leaky gut syndrome and since following a paleo diet, my symptoms have disappeared and the progression of this condition has stopped.”

– P.W., Newburyport

“I had a cramp in my stomach that was very uncomfortable and activated every few hours or when I when I would sit up. These symptoms were completely gone after one adjustment by Dr. Devorah.”

– Meredith F., Swampscott

“I was dealing with daily digestive issues and discomfort and symptoms of GERD to the point of interfering with my daily life. Now after three months, my GERD symptoms have nearly disappeared, my digestive issues (nausea, headaches) are completely gone and my energy level is improved. Dr. Devorah is a highly intuitive healer.”

– Eileen O., Marblehead

“I had symptoms of rashes on my hands, digestive discomfort, and a possible candida (yeast) overgrowth. Sugar craving were strong. Now my digestion has normalized. Hand eczema is improving, not such reactive skin! The sugar dragon is gone. No more crazy sugar/carb cravings.”

– Shana S., Marblehead

“I was feeling very sick. Dr. Devorah found that I had parasites. Now I feel like a new person. “

– Nancy B., Marblehead

“I was bloated and overweight. I was tested for parasites and I did a 6-week parasite purge. I lost six pounds, went down a dress size and feel energized.”

– P. W., Newburyport