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finding your island of calm meditation qigong event

Finding Your Island of Calm

Boosting Your Immunity

An Experiential Workshop with Yoga, Qigong & Meditation

With Your Hosts:

Dr. Devorah Feinbloom

Ellen Petersen

Sheena Nancy Sarles

There are many strategies for building a strong immune system. Reducing stress, getting 8 hours of sleep, eating well and taking vitamins and herbs are essential.

Mind/body practices also offer powerful and effective tools for boosting immunity. They not only strengthen immunity in the physical dimension, but also in the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Find your personal island of calm while boosting your immune system through SIMPLE and ANCIENT practices of YOGA, QIGONG and GUIDED AWARENESS PRACTICES. These practices allow you to continuously bring healing energy within you, through you and out into your every day life.

When: Thursday, November 12, 9:15pm – 10:30 am

Zoom event
Reservations appreciated by Tuesday Nov 9th
What to bring: a mat, a pillow and a chair.
You will be stretching, moving and sitting.

Your Facilitators

Dr. Devorah Feinbloom

dr. devorah feinbloom
sheena nancy sarles