My Approach

Dr. Devorah Feinbloom’s goals when working with someone are to identify the causes of the patient’s health concerns, not just resolve symptoms. She employs the “Home Run Formula” as a model for how she addresses the many factors necessary for healing. Health is a result of strengthening all the following bases:

1st base – Physical/structure
2nd base – Clearing toxic influences
3rd base – Nutritional needs
4th base – Emotional/Stress

Based on this model, corrections may include one or more of the following therapies: structural and meningeal spinal adjustments, cranial adjustments, specific dietary recommendations, nutritional support, cleanse/detoxification programs, and stress resolution using NeuroEmotional Technique (we call it TK) to change the ‘programming in the mindbody’ so is no longer the source of pain.

Marblehead Natural Healing is equipped with premier medical devices that speed healing and detoxification. BEMER therapy is for enhancing microcirculation which expedites healing, athlete recovery and enhanced sports performance. Far Infrared sauna therapy facilitates detoxification, immune boosting and increased metabolism. Each person is unique therefore each program is personally designed.

My Services