Kava Forte box from MediHerb


I am very excited to add Kava Forte to my office medicine chest! Life gets so hectic and some days it is hard to unwind. Soon we begin to feel overwhelmed and out of sorts. Maintaining a healthy balance of the mind, body and nervous system is SO necessary to enjoy a happy life. As everyone can attest, stress, whether acute or chronic can affect emotional balance, cognitive function, sense of well-being and often an ability to get a good night’s sleep. If you can’t get to a yoga class, have time to meditate, exercise or blow off steam in some way, KAVA might be your ticket to inner peace.
Kava is a root that grows naturally around the South Pacific islands. Kava has a calming effect, producing brain wave changes similar to changes that occur with calming medicines such as Valium. Kava helps to relax tense muscles.

Ways you can take Kava Forte tablets

1. For SLEEP – take 2 Kava Forte tablets 11/2 hours before bed*

2. For ANXIETY – take 1 Kava Forte tablet 3x/day

3. If you get fearful before you go to the doctor, dentist or some other place – take 2 Kava Forte tablets 1 1/2 hours before the event

4. For public speaking anxiety – 1 Kava Forte tablet + 1 Gingko Forte tablet 1 1/2 hours before the event

5. For ANXIETY about not being able to fall asleep – take 2 Kava Forte tablets 1 1/2 hours before bedtime

6. If you are a Type A personality , find yourself getting angry at the little things, you’ re getting hot under the collar and feel like you are going to blow your fuse- Kava will cool you down.
*If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night – put 1 Kava Forte tablet in a shot glass with water before bed and let it dissolve. (Takes about 1 hour) If you wake up and can’t fall back to sleep drink the little shot of Kava. If you do not use the dissolved Kava, disgard in the morning.
The compounds in Kava Forte: Calm the nerves, ease the pressures of everyday tension and stress, promote relaxation and sleep and support the relief of muscular tension from stress.

COST: $30.50 for 40 Tablets

Special until Oct 15th – buy 2 bottles for $50.00

CAUTIONS: Kava is not to be used if you are pregnant or lactating. The US FDA advises that the potential risk of RARE, but severe, liver injury may be associated with kava-containing dietary supplements. Kava is not to be used with alcohol, if you over-use alcohol or have had liver problems. Kava should not be taken in combination with allergy medication. Please check with your doctor that it is safe to use with your medications.