Why would a holistic healthcare practitioner write about LOVE?

LOVE is often an ingredient in one’s ability to heal.

LOVE of family

LOVE of friends

LOVE of significant other

LOVE of pets

LOVE of self

One way to think about healing is Loving ourselves. Do we have compassion for ourselves? Do we have a way to comfort ourselves when the obstacles are big? Do we have a way to talk to ourselves when our inner voices are trying to tear us down? Do we love ourselves enough to be ourselves, to take risks and push past our inhibitions?

I am naturally a thinker, an air sign. It is a lot easier to stay “in my head” than to travel with my awareness down into my body, and listen to the private conversations and pain manifestations that reside there. I have learned over the years to turn down my “thinking” default mechanism in order to connect to a deeper place in my heart and body. In the same way that one would train for a 5k race, one has to train oneself to explore the deeper communication of the body. Practices like mindfulness exercises, meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and body work can often quiet the mind, turn on the relaxation response and help us connect to the “TRUER” us.

In March of 1990 I changed my chiropractic technique to a type of light force adjustment after experiencing how light tapping on the spine opened the flood gates inside me. As a result I felt completely authentic, with who I was, and what I was saying 100% aligned. This style of adjustment not only allowed for structural change, it also reduced emotional tension and as a result, a deeper connection within myself was uncovered. Since the spine is the “back of the mind”, any unresolved issue creates a subtle pulling along the nervous system. Magically as these “light” contacts are made along the spine, the tension comes off the meninges (the coverings over the brain and spinal cord – think meningitis) the breath opens up, and clients feel themselves “wake up” to a quiet place underneath the noise in their head. From this place of ease, blocked or stuck emotions (manifesting as pain) and energy move out with the breath. When we connect to something deeper within us, there is a sense of greeting YOURSELF at the door. This is SELF-LOVE.

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