Dear Friends,

Whenever I have a consultation with a patient and inform them that they have parasites, the reaction is ALWAYS “that’s disgusting”!

According to John Bastyr, Chiropractor and Naturopathic doctor, “90% of all people have parasites.” Parasites exist in many sizes; some are tiny amoebas, and some are tapeworms that lay eggs on a regular basis.

Parasites are organisms that cannot exist on their own and need to feed off a host for survival. Like “micro-vampires” they thrive by robbing the nutrients of the host they live in to buoy them up and make them strong while “sucking out” some of the vitality of the host. For example, if parasites are found in the red blood cells, one could become anemic.

A person can come in contact with parasites if they clean a cat litter box, or pick up dog’s poop when out for a walk, eating raw fish, undercooked meat and even eating unwashed fruits and vegetables. Walking barefoot with an open cut may be a portal of entry for parasites. Traveling out of the country or eating fruits and vegetables imported from other countries may also be a culprit.

Parasites are often hard to diagnose which is why people generally don’t realize they have them.

Some signs you have parasites can include:

Sugar cravings
Unexplained skin rashes
You traveled internationally and got diarrhea
Can’t fall asleep – or keep waking up
Grinding your teeth at night
Stomach disorders
Body aches
Low energy

The number one protection against parasites is stomach acid. As the population ages, stomach acid production diminishes. If one uses any kind of antacid or acid blocking medication that changes the pH to a much higher (less acidic) concentration, parasites won’t be killed and they can find their way into the deeper tissues of your body. Taking specific digestive enzymes like Zypan or Betaine Hydrochloric acid can help replace stomach acid.

Interestingly eating genetically modified foods can cause heartburn symptoms, which often is another cause for antacid use.

Luckily kinesiology techniques like Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique will help to identify if parasites are present, what tissues they are residing in, and then we can create protocols for getting rid of them.

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