Ahhh the holidays are approaching. It is hard not to get revved up and stressed about giving gifts, making holiday meals, welcoming family or traveling and cleaning the house. So often we push ourselves to our limits and when the time comes to enjoy, we are just spent!

As some of you know, one day this summer I woke up and was ‘told’ to sign up for the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training at U Mass Medical school in Shrewsbury, MA. I hadn’t ever thought of signing up before that moment but there was a clear directive to do it and I went with my gut. I highly recommend the program. It is life changing. The course was a gift to my life. It became very clear to me that when I am present with myself, I can help others more effortlessly. I especially love the feeling of being happy and content for no apparent reason. The inner smile takes over.

Mindfulness is becoming so popular. Recently on 60 minutes Anderson Cooper interviewed Jon Kabat-Zinn, the creator of the MBSR program. Here is the link. It is about 20 minutes long:

What I notice is that almost everyone who walks in the door of my office is “suffering” from some kind of stress. For some it shows up as stomach aches, back aches or headaches, for others, adrenal distress and exhaustion, while for others, anxiety or the inability to sit still and read a book, while others cannot fall or stay asleep. Stress is a given these days. But there is an antidote to stress. It is called the relaxation response and you can achieve this yourself.
I am deeply grateful for the ability to serve you and the community and for this reason I have a gift for you. I have created a 25 minute recording, a short mindfulness meditation that you can use every day to check in with yourself. I am sure you can find this time in your day to unplug.

Also stay tuned….we have some new programs coming up using mindfulness and self-healing tools.

Listen here

My wish for each of you is that you have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year, a year of finding sacred time to connect with your heart, your desires, your family and friends, with nature, with your pets and with the power within you that knows how to relax, to heal and to be.

To being!
Dr. Devorah Feinbloom
Marblehead Natural Healing