Chiropractic Care

Dr. Devorah Feinbloom is a highly respected chiropractor and is known for her natural and holistic approach to healing. She believes healing occurs when blocked energy is released allowing the body to self-correct. Dr. Devorah has an intuitive understanding of how bodywork unlocks trauma and stress. To that end, she offers a unique path for healing, recovery, and wellness. Dr. Devorah was voted Best Female Chiropractor in Boston by “SELF Magazine.”

The Exam

Dr. Devorah Feinbloom specializes in finding the underlying cause of pain in the body. She utilizes Applied Kinesiology or diagnostic muscle testing to find out what muscles are weak and how to strengthen them. Corrections may include spinal adjustments, dietary changes, a home exercise program, and/or taking specific nutritional supplements. Each person is unique therefore each program is personalized.

Dr. Devorah is trained in Applied Kinesiology (AK), a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to evaluate body function. She uses manual muscle testing in a precise manner to determine which areas of the body are stressed, why they are weak, and to determine the best method to correct the source of the problem. AK or Applied Kinesiology is a comprehensive system incorporating chiropractic adjustments, cranial adjustments, clinical nutrition, myofascial therapy and more.

There are many causes of weak muscles and the detective work begins to figure out what will bring strength back into the system. Corrections may include fixing: subluxations, (which effect the nerve to the muscles,) fixations (groups of bones counter-rotated,) weakness in the meridian system, specialized meningeal adjustments to reduce the tension in the spinal cord. Other remedies may include: strengthening injured muscles, recommending specific nutrition, stimulating a congested lymphatic reflexes called Chapman reflexes or neurovascular reflexes, resetting cranial bones, and/or eliminating toxicity.

The Treatment

One of the founding principles of chiropractic is that the body heals itself, and Dr. Devorah offers a multilayered approach to healing. In order for this healing to happen, the ‘interference’ along the nervous system needs to be removed. Correction of the subluxations, fixations, weak muscles, and cranial bones are corrected first.

The Benefits of Applied Kinesiology Assessment

1. Enhances a standard chiropractic examination.

2. Identifies functional weaknesses before symptoms show up.

3. The approach treats each person’s unique weaknesses.

4. Each weakness will be evaluated through a nervous system lens, a nutrition lens, a meridian lens and a stress/emotional lens making this a multidisciplinary or holistic approach to healing.

5. The examination may ‘pick up’ information that laboratory tests don’t.

6. Patients get really excited experiencing and understanding this integrated approach to strengthening their body. They feel well taken care of and refer their family and friends.

“I am a pianist. My thumb is very important in my piano playing. It was tender, painful, and stiff which hindered me in my performances. I can honestly say that my thumb problem was solved by one adjustment and my life vocation is much improved and piano challenges are met with a technique that has not been felt or heard in years.”

– Victor D., Nahant