“Call Dr. Devorah Feinbloom, she will help you.”

That’s the advice that local doctors, alternative healers, and others have been telling their patients and friends for the last 34 years. Feinbloom, a holistic chiropractor and nutritionist who lives in Swampscott and runs Marblehead Natural Healing, is an acclaimed healer – SELF magazine named her best female chiropractor in Boston, and over the years she has led dozens of workshops on healing. For Feinbloom, the process of healing is sacred, and she sees herself as a healer who just wants to help another person feel better.

“The body has a lot of healing power and the body wants to heal itself,” said Feinbloom, who is known as ‘Dr. Devorah’ to her patients. “If you can find the right person who can help you unlock what’s already inside you, you can heal.”

Holly Crosby, of Marblehead, believes Feinbloom’s work has been life-changing. “I am in a constant search for holistic practitioners who believe in maintaining health by taking care of the body in a gentle natural way. Dr. Devorah is my best find. I am so grateful for the care she has given me, and my children over the past several years. She has helped us recover from various ailments – chemical, emotional and physical. I am always in awe of what she can do.”

Feinbloom, a New Jersey native has called the North Shore home for decades. She is married to Steven Rosenberg, a Swampscott native and former Boston Globe staff writer who is now the editor and publisher of The Jewish Journal. The couple has a son, Aaron Rosenberg, who is enrolled in the MBA program at Clark University.

“Swampscott is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. I feel like I was destined to live near the ocean. I love walking on the beach, and meeting my friends for tea. The community here is very close-knit. I just love it,” said Feinbloom, a magna cum laude graduate of New York Chiropractic College, who has served as frequent guest on area radio and TV shows, and has also lectured widely in the Greater Boston area.

In the parlance of chiropractic, Feinbloom is not a “cracker or a cruncher.” Rather, she’s more of an intuitive – using a combination of traditional and holistic methods to realign the spine in order to allow the person to gently heal. She’s also not someone who packs in 10 patients an hour.“Patients who have come have often given up hope about their condition. I believe it is essential to sit with patients, and hear their stories. Once they share their lives with me, then trust is established and people can begin their healing process,” said Feinbloom.

Missey Donohoe, who has been seeing ‘Dr. Devorah’ for years, said her first visit was nothing short of miraculous. “I had been suffering with low back pain for many years and after my first visit walked out of her office pain-free, got into my car pain-free and now I continue with monthly appointments,” Donohoe explained.

The Marblehead chiropractor has used many different methods to help patients, but she believes in a gentle touch. Her primary technique is “applied kinesiology” a protocol using muscle testing to evaluate weaknesses within the body’s systems. This holistic process allows her to systematically create a personalized healing program for the patient.

“When I’m working to help someone, I see myself as a detective. I follow clues to get to the source of the problem. The process of trying to determine the mystery of the body’s weaknesses, brings me a lot of joy. And when people feel better, I think a little bit of the world is healed in the process,” she said.

Feinbloom serves patients of all ages. Most are working women and moms who are conscious about their health, and do not want to be treated with drugs or invasive – and sometimes unnecessary – tests. About 65 percent of her patients are women between the ages of 35 and 75.

Marblehead Natural Healing also offers personalized nutrition programs, including a Nutritional Re-boot Camp, and other detoxification classes and cleanses. Feinbloom has also added an infrared sauna, which has been endorsed by the likes of Dr. Oz, and Oprah, as a way to detox and lose weight. She often recommends the infrared sauna to compliment chiropractic and nutrition services.

Feinbloom says her philosophy is, in short, to never give up hope. Holistic health offers so many different avenues for healing. Just because a doctor hasn’t been able to find something, it doesn’t mean a problem is not there. I guess I just want people to never give up, to keep looking for an answer. And that’s nothing about me. It’s about them, to keep on trying things.”